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2024 Event Promotion Trends Report

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We asked hundreds of event promoters what’s working for them in 2024.

🤖 How are they leveraging artificial intelligence in event promotion?

📱 What social media channels work the best?

⚙️ How are they using automation to get more done during staffing shortages?

💸 Should you raise your ticket prices?

This survey was conducted by Vesta and was supercharged with data from 24,414 events that were promoted through Vesta’s event marketing platform.

Respondents included event marketers from some of the top national bar/restaurant chains, museums, and performing arts venues around the United States.

16 Key Takeaways from the 2024 Event Promotion Trends Report

Key Takeaways This Year

If you missed it, you can now read 2023’s full report over here.

This year, we had even more high caliper event organizers and a mix of local organizers respond. There was a heavy emphasis on marketing roles within events organizations like Performing Arts Organizations.

Here are the quick takeaways from 2024’s Event Promotion Trends Report:

  • Raise Your Ticket Prices
  • Generate Revenue From Additional Sources
  • Halloween Through New Years Is Critical
  • Classical Music Is Back In Fashion
  • Hybrid Events Are Flatlining
  • Don’t Rely just on Organic Social
  • Everyone Is Struggling With Influencer Marketing
  • You Might Need To Spend More On Advertising
  • Paint The Town With Flyers and Event Listings
  • SMS Is Here To Stay, But How You Use It Matters
  • Don’t Be Afraid to DM
  • Automate The Repeatable Parts of Event Marketing
    Automation Use Cases
  • Staffing Isn’t a Good Excuse Anymore
  • Learn From Your Peers

We’ll be doing some deep dives into these findings throughout the year. Stay tuned to our Vesta for Promoters YouTube channel and Event Vesta LinkedIn page for updates! 

2024 Event Promotion Trends Report

2024 Event Trends Promotion Report Leaning on Wall