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Supporting Music and Innovating in Event Technology [Podcast]

Alessia Priolo is an event and marketing professional with 8 years of experience in the industry.

She has an extensive portfolio of successful corporate and industry events in the public, private, and non-profit sectors within Canada and internationally.

Alessia is also the President of the Board of Canadian award-winning non-profit music organization, Sincop8ed Noize Foundation.

She has been involved in the planning, coordination and marketing of many in-person and virtual events, including workshops, conferences, galas, trade-shows, music festivals and more. Alessia is also a musician and instrumental/cinematic music composer.

Check out Sincop8ed Noize Foundation at: 


We also wrote a summary of key takeaways about VR for events based on this podcast.

The Event Promoter Podcast shares stories and tips that help our industry bring communities together through events.
Our guests are event promoters, talent, organizers, and industry professionals working to bring people together through entertainment, art, business, and experiences.
Alessia shared valuable insights from her expansive experience promoting events, working in the music industry, and pushing boundaries with new event formats. Here are 3 key lessons we took away from our conversation with Alessia:

1. Use a diverse marketing mix to promote events

Alessia emphasized the importance of using a diverse mix of marketing channels and strategies to promote events effectively. She said:

“Don’t just focus on social media, you need to do your email marketing, you basically need to be everywhere you need to have an online presence everywhere and I also still believe in power of traditional marketing, you know print media ads.” 4:56

She also talked about staying on top of trends and platforms where your audience is. Diversifying your marketing reach is key.

2. Bring on the right team to execute innovative ideas

When discussing her virtual reality (VR) concert event, Alessia highlighted the importance of having an expert team to pull off new event formats. She said:

“I wanted to try something different…I wanted to definitely explore, you know a new event format obviously VR technology…I’m just gonna do something bold and try something out here and uh do a VR event and it was actually live streamed in VR which a lot of people said okay you’re you’re crazy.” 18:22

Bringing together the right team enabled her to successfully execute a cutting-edge VR event. As event promoters, we shouldn’t be afraid to explore new formats, but we need to ensure we have the expertise on board to pull it off.

3. Target niche communities for specialized events

When marketing her VR concert experience, Alessia emphasized laser targeting the VR and tech communities who would be most interested in this type of event. She said:

“For this type of event you have to understand okay who who consumes this type of content where are they and figuring out ways to uh to reach them.” 22:49

Rather than trying to appeal to a broad audience, niche events can thrive by focusing our marketing efforts on engaged communities passionate about a topic.

Alessia shared hard-won insights from her diverse experience in event planning and marketing. Her advice can help fellow event professionals like myself stay innovative and connect with audiences in a crowded field.

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