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Learn the basics of event marketing to improve your skills as an event promoter and attract more happy attendees to your event.

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Event Marketing 101

How Events Get Into Google Events Module

The Google Events Module pulls event listings directly from websites and apps that the events are listed on. This is how it works and how we get events their best chance of getting to the top.

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[Free Template] Event Promotion Checklist

We created this Event Promotion Checklist Template that you can copy for free to consistently promote your event. It may even give you some event promotion ideas you haven’t thought of yet.

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Digital Event Marketing Guide [Free Resource]

With waves of COVID creating our “new normal”, events and business as we know it have changed. To help with the adjustment we created this guide covering how to promote in this new environment and help your digital events stand out from the crowd!

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Best Image Sizes and Guidelines for Event Images

The internet is now more visual than ever. Your future event attendees are seeing your image first, making a good event image an essential part of promoting. Here are some tips on making a great event image.

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[Free Template] Concert Promotion Checklist for Tours​

Whether you’re a tour manager or independent musician, the logistics of promoting multiple back-to-back shows over a period of months can be daunting.

Stay organized and find some new promotion ideas with this free show promotion checklist for local venues.

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Event Marketing 101

How & Why to Track Registrations for an Event

Tracking registrations for an event can help you remind attendees when the event is close, report to sponsors about attendance, and set expectations for vendors. Here is how to track registrations for an event.

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Creating Engaging Sporting Events [Podcast]

How do you create engaging sporting events? Lindsay Toussant Brown from the Omaha Sports Commission has built a career specializing in creating unique sports events.

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[Free Template] Show Promotion Checklist for Local Venues

Local shows can bring a steady crowd to a bar or venue, but promoting shows can be a daunting task for a busy manager.

Stay organized and find some new promotion ideas with this free show promotion checklist for local venues.