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Learn the basics of event marketing to improve your skills as an event promoter and attract more happy attendees to your event.

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Event Promotion Checklist Ideas Illustration

[Free Template] Event Promotion Checklist

We created this Event Promotion Checklist Template that you can copy for free to consistently promote your event. It may even give you some event promotion ideas you haven’t thought of yet.

Music Promotion Illustration
for venues

[Free Template] Show Promotion Checklist for Local Venues

Local shows can bring a steady crowd to a bar or venue, but promoting shows can be a daunting task for a busy manager.

Stay organized and find some new promotion ideas with this free show promotion checklist for local venues.

Illustration of Event Marketing Tools Being Used By Event Promoters

SEO Keyword Research for Events

Keyword research for events is an important process for your event SEO. It helps you find relevant search terms for events.

Attendees Dancing To Music at a VR Event White Background
For Artists

VR for Events: Stepping into the Immersive Experience

We share some key takeaways from an inspiring conversation with Alessia Priolo, an event and marketing professional with a passion for exploring the intersection of VR for events and the music industry.