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In-Person Event Ideas for National Video Games Day

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Looking for a creative way to engage with a new audience? How about connecting with video game fans with these event ideas for National Video Games Day!
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Looking for a creative way to engage with a new audience? How about connecting with video game fans on National Video Games Day!

National Video Game Day is dedicated to September 12th, but if you miss it; there are many similar celebrations throughout the year.

Brief overview of National Video Games Day on September 12th

National Video Games Day, observed annually on September 12th, is an international celebration recognizing the significant influence and cultural relevance of video games.

It serves as an opportunity for gamers worldwide to come together and share their passion for the interactive art form. As we all become increasingly immersed in virtual experiences, National Video Games Day encourages people of all ages to appreciate the creativity, innovation, and social connections fostered by these digital adventures.

Importance of celebrating video games and their impact on society

Video games are the biggest entertainment industry in the world. The impact of video games extends far beyond entertainment. Interactive experiences have emerged as powerful mediums for storytelling, artistic expression, and even educational tools. They also have an impact on developing telescoping goals and project management.

Video games have transcended barriers of age or gender, bringing people together in virtual spaces where they can connect with others who share similar interests. Online gaming communities have fostered friendships that span continents while providing safe spaces for self-expression and exploration. Those people still love to connect in-person.

Across our 22,000+ events promoted, we often see in-person events themed around video games perform well.

National Video Games Day on September 12th is an opportunity for any event organizer to engage this passionate community of gamers.

Gaming Tournaments

Event ideas for National Video Games Day like Gaming Tournaments

One exciting way to celebrate National Video Games Day is by organizing a competitive gaming tournament.

When I was a college resident advisor, I began organizing Super Smash Bros tournaments that were a favorite of the residents. We would pack out the basement of the dorms for hours on hours of heated competition and fun.

This event idea is perfect for gamers of all ages and skill levels, as it allows participants to showcase their gaming prowess and engage in friendly competition. To make the tournament more inclusive, consider creating different categories based on age groups or game genres.

By splitting it out into different categories, everyone can find a category that suits their preferences and expertise. Providing prizes for the winners adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation for participants to give it their all during the tournament.

Retro Gaming Lounge

Retro Gaming Lounge

Step back in time with a retro gaming lounge dedicated to classic video game consoles and games. Set up an area adorned with vintage decorations, such as posters from beloved games of the past, neon lights, and bean bag chairs reminiscent of childhood living rooms.

BFF Omaha decked out a their MaMO Gallery bus at Maha Festival last year as a retro lounge which was a perfect photo opportunity.

Fill the space with well-known consoles like NES, Sega Genesis, or Atari, offering attendees a chance to relive nostalgic moments from their childhoods or discover classic games they may have missed out on.

To enhance the atmosphere further, play iconic soundtracks from these retro games in the background while encouraging attendees to share stories and memories associated with their favorite titles.

If you sell drinks, you could even whip up some retro-themed drinks to make it more immersive.

Cosplay Contest

A cosplay contest provides an opportunity for attendees to express their creativity while paying homage to their favorite video game characters.

Encourage participants to dress up as characters from popular games like Mario, Lara Croft, or Master Chief – the possibilities are endless!

To add some excitement and inspiration to the event, invite professional cosplayers as judges or special guests who can share tips and tricks about crafting costumes and embodying characters.

This is a great way to get in on the costume fun before Halloween events start kicking up. Who doesn’t love a costume party?

The contest could be divided into categories such as “Best Costume,” “Best Craftsmanship,” and “Best Character Portrayal,” allowing different aspects of cosplay skills to shine. To make the contest even more enticing, offer attractive prizes for the winners, such as gaming merchandise or vouchers.

Game Developer Panel Discussion

Game Developer Speaking To An Audience At An Event

For those interested in gaining insights into the world of game development, organizing a panel discussion with local or renowned game developers is an exciting event idea.

Inviting industry professionals to share their experiences and discuss various aspects of game development can be highly informative and inspiring.

Provide attendees with an opportunity to interact by organizing a Q&A session where they can ask burning questions about the game development process, industry trends, or even seek advice on pursuing a career in gaming.

This panel discussion creates networking opportunities for aspiring developers who can connect with professionals and potentially gain valuable contacts within the gaming industry.

Virtual Reality Experience Zone

Add an immersive element to your National Video Games Day event by setting up a Virtual Reality (VR) experience zone.

This dedicated area can feature VR stations where attendees can try out cutting-edge gaming experiences firsthand. Provide a variety of VR games from different genres to cater to diverse interests – from thrilling action games to captivating virtual worlds.

You can keep it simple with the Google Cardboard headsets or other budget headsets. Even a Meta Quest 2 will only run you $300. You could purchase (or rent) one or two and have people cycle though to enjoy the experience.

It’s crucial to ensure proper equipment setup and well-trained staff available to assist participants in wearing VR headsets and navigating through the virtual realms smoothly.

By offering this unique experience, you’re allowing gamers to step into a whole new dimension of gaming excitement that will leave them wanting more.


Celebrating National Video Games Day on September 12th can be an exciting and engaging way to engage a gamer audience.

By organizing in-person events with gaming tournaments, retro lounges, cosplay contests, game developer panels, and virtual reality experiences, you can create a memorable celebration and engage new patrons.

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