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Getting Creative To Reach New Audiences [Podcast]

In this episode of the Event Promoter Podcast powered by Vesta, we have Francesca Sacerdoti. She is a long time promoter and live events extraordinaire. Francesca has a rich history of working in both the arts and music industry. Now she is working as the Assistant Director of The National Congress of Italian-Canadians. They put on a huge Italian festival in Quebec which draws around 500,000 attendees with live music, food, art, and other cultural experiences. 
Francesca also writes for some music publications reviewing concerts and independent musicians. She is also the Project Coordinator for the Sincop8ed Noize Foundation– we interviewed Alessia Priolo who is the President of Sincop8ed Noize Foundation.
We have a great conversation about how to creatively frame up your events, title your events, and promote your events regardless of the scale of the built-in audience that those events have. We also discuss how to build a successful career in the events industry.
The Event Promoter Podcast shares stories and tips that help our industry bring communities together through events.
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