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From Mindfulness to Entertainment: Why Yoga Studios Should Diversify With Events

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Discover why yoga studios should host events instead of classes. Increase revenue, attract new clients, and build community. Get creative event ideas now!
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The Real Reason Yoga Studios Are Failing: Traditional Classes Are BORING

Let’s face it, yoga studios have slate of classes become stale. The same old classes, the same old spaces, the same old routines. It’s time to shake things up and start hosting events instead of traditional classes.

Yoga Studios and Their Traditional Focus on Classes

For years, yoga studios have been focused on offering a variety of classes to their clients. From beginner level to advanced, hot yoga to restorative, there has been a class for everyone.

But what happens when clients get bored with these traditional offerings or every other yoga studio in town offers the same thing but cheaper? They stop coming.

Hosting Events Instead At Your Wellness Space

Hosting events at yoga studios is not a new concept, but it is one that hasn’t been fully embraced by the industry yet. Think about experiences that provide something different and exciting for clients. Check out these 21 Yoga Studio Event Ideas To Stand Out In Your Community.

Imagine attending a yoga class that is also paired with a live DJ and light show? Or how about practicing yoga in an immersive art installation?

I was just in Koh Phangan and Orion Healing Centre packed their events by mixing in DJs, amazing food, art, and a sense of community.

These are the types of events that will attract new clients and keep existing ones coming back for more. The reality is that traditional yoga classes are just not cutting it anymore in today’s competitive wellness industry.

The Benefits of Hosting Events

Increased revenue potential

As a yoga studio owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase your revenue. Hosting events is an excellent way to do that. Instead of relying solely on regular classes, you can create unique experiences that people will pay for.

Events can be priced higher than classes, and they often attract individuals who may not otherwise attend your studio. This means more people spending money at your business and ultimately increasing your revenue potential.

If you do a good job, create a sense of community, AND get their email, they are more likely to become regular members of your other offerings.

Opportunity to attract new clientele

Hosting events also gives you the opportunity to attract new clients who may not be interested in traditional yoga classes. By offering niche events like sound baths or art workshops, you can appeal to a wider audience and bring in individuals who otherwise might never have visited your studio. These attendees are likely to share their positive experience with friends and family, potentially attracting even more new clients.

Some of the more popular wellness space events we have promoted include teacher trainings, weekend retreats, featured teachers, and basically anything that includes a musician or DJ.

Enhanced community building and networking

Yoga studios are all about community, and hosting events is a great way to build one within your business. Events provide an opportunity for attendees to connect with each other on a personal level while also deepening their relationship with your brand.

Additionally, hosting events allows you to network with local businesses or other professionals within the wellness industry that could bring additional benefits down the road such as referrals or partnerships. Overall, there are countless benefits to hosting events at yoga studios instead of solely focusing on regular classes.

Not only does it increase revenue potential but it also attracts new clientele while enhancing community building and networking opportunities. As such there’s no reason why yoga studios shouldn’t host events instead of just relying solely on classes!

Revenue Potential

As a business owner, you know revenue matters. Even if it wasn’t the main reason you opened your space, you can’t keep the doors open and lights on without revenue.

However, relying solely on traditional classes to generate income can be limiting and unsustainable in the long run. That’s why hosting events can be a game-changer for yoga studios.

How events can generate more income than regular classes

Let’s face it – while classes are great for regulars, they don’t always bring in new customers or generate excitement and buzz like events do. Events, on the other hand, have the potential to attract a larger audience and create an experience that people will talk about long after it’s over. With ticket sales, merchandise sales, and potential partnerships with local businesses (more on this later), hosting events can bring in significantly more revenue than regular classes.

It also gives you a chance to promote something on all your marketing channels that is unique and stands out.

Potential for partnerships with local businesses to increase revenue

Partnering with local businesses is a win-win situation for both the yoga studio and the partner business. For example, imagine hosting a yoga class followed by wine tasting at a nearby vineyard or a brunch event co-hosted by a popular restaurant in town. These partnerships not only bring in additional revenue but also give exposure to both businesses’ clientele.

It’s all about finding creative ways to collaborate with other businesses that align with your values and mission. Hosting events can be an effective way for yoga studios to increase revenue beyond traditional classes alone.

By offering unique experiences that go beyond just practicing yoga, studios have the opportunity to attract new clients while providing existing customers something fun and exciting to look forward to. With strategic partnerships with local businesses who share your values and mission, there is an even greater potential for both increased income and community building – two things essential for any successful business!

Attracting New Clients

In today’s competitive world, it is not enough for yoga studios to simply rely on their traditional customer base. Studios need to attract new clients in order to sustain business growth and remain profitable.

This is where hosting events can be a game-changer. By offering unique and creative events, yoga studios can appeal to individuals who may not be interested in traditional yoga classes.

Events for Non-Yogis

Let’s face it, not everyone is cut out for downward dog or warrior poses.

That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be interested in attending a wellness event. Hosting events that cater to non-yogis, such as sound baths, art workshops, or even wine tastings, yoga studios can tap into an entirely new market and introduce individuals to the benefits of yoga in a non-intimidating environment.

Diversifying Clientele

It is important for any business to diversify its clientele if it wants to remain successful over the long term. This applies just as much to yoga studios as it does to any other type of business. By hosting events that appeal to a broader range of individuals beyond just their traditional customer base, yoga studios can ensure you are attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: if you want your yoga studio to remain relevant and profitable in today’s competitive landscape, you need to think outside the box and explore new avenues for growth.

Hosting events is a fantastic way to do just that. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your event ideas – the more unique and exciting they are, the more likely you are to attract new clients and keep them coming back for more!

People vote with their feet (and dollars) so keep experimenting if you’re not getting the draw you need from one event. You’ll find where there is opportunity to create unique experiences in your community.

Community Building and Networking

It’s no secret that yoga studios have become a hub for like-minded individuals to come together and practice mindfulness. However, the traditional model of offering daily classes does little to foster a true sense of community aside from the people who can stay afterwards and chat it up while everyone else rolls up their mats and gets to their next scheduled thing-to-do.

Hosting events, on the other hand, can create a space for attendees to connect with one another in ways that aren’t possible during a typical yoga class. Events often involve group activities or discussions that allow individuals to interact with one another beyond simply practicing alongside each other.

These interactions can lead to new friendships, partnerships, or even professional opportunities. As a result, events can help build a strong sense of community among attendees.

Networking Opportunities

In addition to fostering community among attendees, events also offer an opportunity for networking. Yoga studios can partner with local businesses or organizations to co-host events. This not only helps generate more income but also exposes attendees to new products or services they may not have discovered otherwise.

Moreover, partnering with other businesses and organizations can lead to new connections and collaborations beyond just the event itself. Attendees may meet someone who offers career advice or has connections in their industry – all because they attended an event at their favorite yoga studio.

Overall, hosting events instead of classes opens up endless possibilities for building stronger communities both within and outside of the studio walls. If yoga studios truly want to create spaces where mindfulness is practiced on and off the mat – then you can start thinking beyond daily classes and embrace the power of hosting unique events that bring people together in new ways.

Niche Event Ideas

Mindful Art Workshops

Yoga studios can also consider hosting art workshops that promote mindfulness. These workshops could include activities like painting mandalas or drawing patterns inspired by nature or spirituality. The combination of art-making and mindfulness practices can be an incredibly cathartic experience.

Art workshops provide an opportunity for participants to express themselves creatively while cultivating inner peace and awareness. It’s also an excellent way for those who might not feel confident doing yoga poses to still participate in the studio’s offerings.

We even had one local organizer in our community host a photography as mindfulness class that was quite popular for awhile.

Dynamic Dance Experiences

Shake things up with dynamic dance experiences at your local yoga studio! Hosting dance events with high-energy music can be incredibly fun for participants looking for something different from their daily workout routine.

Dancing is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that helps improve coordination, balance, and overall health. Yoga studios could offer classes ranging from Zumba-inspired dance parties to ecstatic dances where participants get lost in movement without choreography.

No matter the style, hosting dance events at yoga studios provides an opportunity for individuals who may not have tried yoga before but are interested in trying out new forms of physical activity. Hosting niche events at yoga studios is an excellent way to diversify the studio’s offerings while fostering a sense of community.

It provides opportunities for individuals to experience unique and creative practices beyond traditional yoga classes. So, why not try hosting a specialized retreat, art workshop, or dance event at your local yoga studio?


After exploring the benefits of hosting events over classes, it’s clear that yoga studios have a lot to gain by incorporating events into their business model. Not only can events provide a potential boost in revenue, but they also offer the opportunity to attract new and diverse clientele.

Additionally, events can foster a sense of community and networking among attendees that may not be possible with regular classes. Break free from the confines of traditional class offerings and embrace the possibilities that come with hosting events.

By doing so, you can stand out in a crowded market and truly differentiate themselves from competitors. So what are you waiting for?

Start brainstorming unique event ideas and let your creativity shine.

It’s refreshing to see studios shake things up and take risks in order to better serve their clients. I encourage all yoga studio owners to consider incorporating more events into their schedules and see where it takes them – who knows what kind of magic could happen as a result!

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