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18 Relatable Memes About Events for Promoters and Organizers

Event planner meme
Feel free to share these around in your proverbial water-coolers online... or just read through and let us know which are your favorites.
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There is something truly unique about working in events. Whether your an event planner, an event organizer, or event promoter it’s sometimes hard to find others that can relate to what the job is like.

People think “oh, how cool you get to work in events for a living!”

Yes. It is a pretty cool job, but there’s a lot of unique challenges and stress that comes along with it.

These memes are some of our favorites we’ve put together for our Instagram page for event promoters.

Feel free to share these around in your proverbial water-coolers online… or just read through and let us know which are your favorites.

Event Organizer Memes

You guys are getting paid?

How to get paid for events meme

Loving events means a lot of don’t realize we can make money when we first get into it. It took me years of promoting local shows before I realized it was possible to not lose money on every show. I just loved it so much and was willing to dump money from my day job into the shows to make them happen.

If you want to learn how to make your events more profitable, check out our other resources for event organizers.

When it rains…

Putting together an outdoor event can be amazing until that dreaded rain forecast comes through. We do our best, but this is what I feel like every time I’m trying to explain how we’re going to make it all work.

Just follow the plan.

Follow the plan meme

No plan survives first contact with the day of show.

No amount of caffeine can fix this anymore.

They don't know I hosted this party meme

When you’re too tired after planning the event to socialize at your own event.

Not like there’s hundreds of people waiting for you to start or anything.

Same happens for speakers at a business event.

Event Promoter Memes and Event Marketer Memes

Who was supposed to promote this show?

Who was supposed to promote this show artist, promoter, and venue spiderman pointing meme

If I had a dollar for the amount of times I’ve heard a promoter, venue, or artist describe how perfect this meme would be to me in person… I could buy the really big cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Well here it is folks ☝️

But why? It’d help us not have a heart attack every time.

Why doesn't anybody buy tickets until the last minute meme

Some cities are particularly notorious for nobody buying tickets ahead of time (Omaha 👀).

Nailed it!

When an event gets picked up by one of these “things to do” lists on sites like Visit Denver, they tend to get a lot of traction.

That’s why we help organizer automate posting to community calendars that make posts like this. No guarantee you’ll get onto those lists, but you’ll at least get every event you create considered.

The Facebook Ads aren’t working as well as they used to. Do you:

Try a new marketing channel or nah?

Or $1,000. Pick your journey.

Wait for the last minute strikes again.

Waiting for ticket sales to come in meme

Hard to say it’s the hottest event in town if this is the case, but I believe you that it’s a really good event.

But even if its not the hottest event in town:

When not many people show up to the event but its still great

Honestly some of the most memorable events I’ve been to were small an intimate.

So you went with spend more on Facebook, I see.

Spent too much on Facebook ads

Look, I know it used to work, but times have changed.

Next time try using Vesta to promote your events.

Is it marketing’s job?

Everything the light touches is marketing

Everything the light touches is marketing.

This one was from Dave Gerhardt towards B2B marketers, but I think it still holds true here.

Do Facebook events still matter?

Where is my facebook business page event tab

Anyone else notice they moved events off the main navigation menu for business pages? Half the business owners I talk to couldn’t even find their own events page.

Guess Facebook doesn’t care about events anymore.

How do we get people to show up to an emerging artist showcase?

Partner with a cause for your music event

Who would want to partner with the community and reach a wider audience?

(Hint: The organizers that are doing this are doing great.)

Facebook Ads aren’t working. What do you do?

What to do when facebook ads stop working for events

It’s a good bandaid… but it’s still a bandaid.

In the end…

This is fine for event organizers

Keep your head up. Lots of people would love to have your job.

But we know. It’s stressful. Check out some of our other posts. Hopefully we can help make it a little less stressful.

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