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20 Proven Brewery Event Ideas To Create New Loyal Customers

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Discover 20 proven brewery event ideas to boost brand awareness, community, and sales. From beer tastings to yoga classes, there's something for everyone!
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You know how important events are to the success of your brewery. But what brewery event ideas can help you shake things up and see what your community will respond to?

Events aren’t just about increasing revenue and keeping things interesting at your brewery. They are a way to create a sense of community around your business that creates raving, loyal fans for decades to come.

We know a thing or two about brewery events… and events in general. Last year we promoted over 11,000 events and are on pace to double that this year. Hundreds of those events were for breweries and thousands of them could be hosted by a brewery. In addition to reporting on event promotion trends we learned from all this promoting, we also have some brewery event ideas we think you should try out!

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Brewery Event Ideas for Beer Lovers

Beer is the main attraction at any brewery event. For true beer lovers, a chance to taste different styles and flavors of beer can be an unforgettable experience. Here are some ideas to make it even better:

Beer And Food Pairing: Pairing Different Beers With Complementary Foods

Different types of beers often complement specific dishes or snacks, enhancing their flavor profiles. Hosting events where customers can try different food pairings with various types of beer allows them to discover new tastes combinations they might not have thought were possible.

Beer and Food Pairings are one of the most successful types of brewery events we have promoted.

Beer Tastings: Showcasing Different Styles and Flavors of Beer

Tasting a pint of beer is not always enough to appreciate all the subtleties of its taste. Organizing beer tastings lets customers sample multiple beers side-by-side, allowing them to compare and contrast their aromas and flavors. You can also offer flights of beers that let customers try several small portions in one sitting.

Brewery Tours: Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Brewing Process

Brewery tours are popular among those who want to learn more about the brewing process from start to finish. Visitors can learn about different ingredients used in brewing, see the equipment and facilities, and gain an understanding of how each step affects the final product.

Meet The Brewer: Q&A Session With The Head Brewer

Many brewery visitors are curious about who makes their favorite beers. An opportunity to meet with the head brewer is a rare chance for them to ask questions about individual brewing processes, ingredients used or even ask for recommendations on food pairings. This session will provide valuable insights into what goes into making great craft beer.

Homebrewing Workshops: Teaching Customers How To Make Their Own Beer

Homebrewing is a popular hobby among beer enthusiasts. Hosting workshops on homebrewing allows customers to learn the basics of brewing beer at home.

Teaching customers how to make their own beer not only provides them with a new skill, but also fosters a sense of community among brewery visitors who share an interest in creating their own craft beer. Overall, these brewery event ideas enhance the experience for beer lovers and provide them with an opportunity to learn more about their favorite beverage while enjoying it with like-minded individuals.

Brewery Event Ideas for Socializing

Brewery events are not only about enjoying beer but also providing an opportunity to socialize with fellow beer lovers. Here are some brewery event ideas for socializing:

Trivia Nights: Themed Trivia Nights with Prizes for Winners

Trivia nights are a great way to bring people together and create a fun atmosphere at the brewery. The theme of the trivia can be anything from pop culture to history, or even beer-related questions. Participants put their brains to the test while sipping on a cold brew and competing for prizes.

Trivia Nights are another particularly popular brewery event we see some locations knocking out of the park with.

Game Nights: Board Games, Card Games, or Video Games While Enjoying Beer

If trivia isn’t your thing, then why not try game nights? Board games, card games, or video games can all be enjoyed while drinking craft beer with friends. This type of event is perfect for those who like to relax and enjoy some friendly competition.

Live Music Events: Local Bands or DJs Performing at the Brewery

Live music events create a lively atmosphere at the brewery and attract music enthusiasts. Local bands or DJs can perform on stage while visitors enjoy their drinks. This type of event provides an opportunity to showcase local talent and enhances the overall experience of visiting the brewery.

Want to take live music events at your brewery up a notch? Why not book local and regional acts all weekend and form a small festival around it. We have multiple brewery customers who have done this and drew huge crowds all weekend long.

Comedy Shows: Stand-up Comedy Night at the Brewery

A stand-up comedy night is an excellent way to add laughter and humor to a brewery event. The audience can sit back, relax with their beer in hand, and enjoy some hilarious jokes from local comedians. These socializing-focused brewery events provide ample opportunities for visitors to hang out together while enjoying delicious craft beer in a relaxed atmosphere.

Brewery Event Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts

Yoga classes: yoga followed by a refreshing pint of beer

For those who love fitness and relaxation, a yoga class at your local brewery might be the perfect event. Imagine sipping on a cold, refreshing pint of beer while doing yoga and breathing in the aroma of hops. It’s an unconventional setting for sure, but the combination of yoga and beer has become increasingly popular.

Many breweries host yoga classes for all levels with certified instructors guiding participants through poses while they enjoy their favorite brew. It’s a great way to promote your brewery to health-conscious customers with an interest in mindfulness.

Running clubs: group runs followed by a post-run pint at the brewery

Runners are always on the lookout for fun places to run and unwind after their workouts, so why not make your brewery one of those places? Organizing group runs followed by post-run pints is an excellent way to build a community around your brand while also attracting new customers.

Start with shorter distances aimed at beginners or create themed events like holiday runs or race series. Be sure to designate safe routes that end at your brewery where runners can relax and mingle over beers.

Cycling groups: bike rides ending at the brewery for a cold one

Cyclists are another group of fitness enthusiasts who love to combine exercise with social activities like drinking craft beer. The biking community is often tight-knit, so hosting bike rides that finish up at your brewery is an excellent opportunity to introduce new people to your brand and create meaningful connections within the community. You can organize themed rides that cater to different skill levels or even partner with local cycling clubs or businesses in town.

Offering discounts or special promotions for cyclists who ride their bikes to your taproom will also encourage them to make it a regular stop on their cycling routes. Hosting a brewery event for fitness enthusiasts is an exciting and effective way to build a loyal customer base.

By providing unique experiences and opportunities for customers to connect with your brand, you’ll be able to increase your brewery’s visibility and sales while also promoting healthy living. Whether it’s yoga classes, running clubs, or cycling groups, there are many ways to incorporate fitness into your brewery events and attract customers who value both a good workout and a cold pint of beer.

Brewery Event Ideas for Seasonal

The Great Pumpkin Festival

Fall is often associated with pumpkin spice everything. Instead of doing the same old pumpkin spice beer, why not have a whole festival dedicated to pumpkin-themed beers?

You can have pumpkin-carving contests, seasonal snacks and food trucks, and even live music! Get people excited for fall with this event.

Winter Wonderland Beer Festival

Winter brings colder weather, but it doesn’t have to be a time of hibernation. Plan a winter beer festival where the brews are hearty and warming.

Encourage guests to wear their coziest winter attire like hats and scarves. Set up a bonfire outside or hand out hot chocolate alongside the beer tastings.


Brewery events are more than just an excellent way to taste new beers; they’re also opportunities for people to come together in shared interests and experiences. The craft beer industry is all about community, and hosting events can help you build that community around your brewery brand.

These twenty brewery event ideas are only just scratching the surface of what’s possible. Whether you’re looking to attract new customers or give back to loyal fans, we hope these ideas inspire you to create unique experiences that showcase your brewery’s best qualities.

Want help promoting your events and advice on how to make your events more exciting? Schedule some time with us to learn how we can help with promotion for your brewery.

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